Penny University

Okay I’m new here, so be gentle now.

For a start, I don’t have a proper introduction because I don’t know how? (or maybe, I shall save this for another entry). Okay let’s not digress from why I’m here in the first place…

Recently, I’ve been to one of the popular cafes in town which has always been a rave among my colleagues and friends. And since time is a thief, I really had a difficult time re-listing my priorities one of which is enjoying a cuppa.  Yes, it was that bad my friend! But come the second half of the year, it has been a blessing, in many ways, Alhamdulillah.  And coincidentally short after that I met a new friend whose part-time hobby is basically visiting unique cafes! BINGO! Coffee and cafe – it feels like coming home aye? HAHA

And so, the first cafe we visited recently was Penny University. Love that name; so urbanised yet authentic (or at least to me).Image


So let me spoon-feed you before going through the nitty gritty details aye?


PENNY UNIVERSITY – An Artisanal Coffeehouse


402 East Coast Road Singapore 428997T (pretty accessible for someone like me whose too used to bmw: Bus, MRT, Walking)


Whether you love/enjoy coffee/tea, not a morning person perhaps? (breakkie/brunch), have a sweet-tooth or even lads and ladies who enjoy a great time gossiping-or-ranting-over-unnecessary-things-which-we-deny-all-the-time-but-we-actually-love-it SHALL VISIT THIS CAFE. 


do we need reason to like/love something? so yeah, skip this! moving on…


opening hours on Tue-Thu: 8.30am – 6pm

opening hours on Fri: 8.30am – 9.30pm

opening hours on Sat, Sun and Public Holidays: 8.30am – 10.30pm


budget: $3 ~ $15

*more details on the website itself (


As promised, here are the details, or in my dictionary I call it a review. HAHA. I don’t do much with words, because I think I’m more of a visual person.  So I shall let the photos speak for itself but since I’m such an amateur at taking artistic photos (i’ve always admired food photographer, so if you are reading this, please share a tip or two with me  pretty please? hehe), I think captions would go well with the photos yea? 

ImageBefore you enter the cafe, on your left this inspiring words shall greet you. trust me, i felt genuinely inspired when I read this. so go on and read and be fascinated! 



Imagethese are the simplest things in the cafe yet I find it truly remarkable how each element of decor falls together to create the cosy vibe in the cafe. super love! (i think the cafe patrons find me distracting since i’m like everywhere with the camera, HAHA. sorry love)

Image“THESE ARE ALL MINE!!!” i wish i could actually roared that out loud there because my day didn’t go well that day and these yums were like angels, but like any other civilised person, I held that thought back. HAHA. clockwise from top: Peanut Butter cheesecake, Choco Noisette, Banoffe Pie, and Carrot Cake. We came pretty late, say about a quarter past 4 (near to closing time on a weekday) but phew! we still managed to get this spread! hurrah! 

ImageIn the background it’s the Carrot Cake; personally I’m not a fan but that piece tasted pretty good, moist and goes well with the creamy cheese frosting. the one in the foreground would be Banoffe Pie; it’s like marrying banana and coffee, but there’s a little surprise hidden in between the cream and crust – sweet and crunchy. If you are a fan of sweet things exploding in your mouth then probably you’ll like this. as for the two mini jars that accompany these yums, are known as Muddy Espresso w cold milk.  Looks muddy but professionally has been brewed to balance the sweetness of the pie and the cake. A good combo 😉



Imageand here are the ice cream sandwiches!!! Frankly, I’ve badly wanted to try their After Eight (dark chocolate brownie cookie + peppermint ice cream) but since it’s all out and only two flavours are left available, I sadly settled for the two flavours above.  Turned out, they were a party in my mouth aye! 😉 The first, is Choco Noisette (dark cocoa cookie + chocolate hazelnut ice-cream) and the second is Peanut Butter Cheesecake (homemade peanut butter cookie + cheesecake ice-cream).  Okay I would gladly order Choco Noisette again because the sweetness is quite subtle and I like the dark chocolatey taste to it and the soft baked cookies was a great complement. Peanut butter cheesecake on the other hand exhibits simplicity at its best! the cookies tasted exactly like peanut butter; just imagine eating peanut butter off the jar, yes like that baby, just baked. hehe. but as a cheese lover, i felt that the cheesecake ice-cream flavour lacks a bit of the oomph! i don’t know, maybe it’s just me. go try it and discuss with me later okay?

another thing that i badly wanted to try but missed the chance was their coffee! Okay you must be wondering why the heavens did I miss this chance when I’m a coffee lover myself? okay here goes the secret; i’m currently trying hard to abstain from drinking coffee too frequently. there i said it. I know it’s hard (God knows!) but I’m trying to put every ounce of effort into this WITHOUT killing my lifetime-love for coffee. so that day happened to be one of those days when my mind would gratefully settle for a cup of hot chocolate instead of my all-time fave coffee. it’s the mind over the body people. so i ordered hot choc thinking I would still get the latte art since it would be served in those signature coffee mugs right? but nooooooo…i was wrong, very wrong! they served it in a glass, the one in the very first picture. so if u are a fan of latte art, please stick to their coffee 🙂 

that aside, i think overall the pie, the cake and ice-cream sandwiches are all good for me. they might not be the best I’ve tasted by far but it’s still happiness in the tumtum 🙂 besides, the coffee and hot chocolate were pretty awesome i must say! and above all, i actually fell in love with the simplicity of the place itself. the ambience is super slack but sleek at the same time. sophisticatedly charming. 



Imagevery french?

Imagebut still singaporean at heart 🙂


I rate this cafe 3.5 out of 5 kopi!


“One would step out of a coffeehouse and acquire an education for the price of a cup of coffee”

~ Penny University




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