PitchStop Cafe

Hello Sunday! woot woot!

It’s been a while since my last update because hell had break loose *exaggeration* over the past couple of weeks. Phew! Alhamdulillah I survived but that is barely the beginning. But on a lighter note, earlier this week, probably the midweek I reckon, I was introduced by my friend, Wani, to a “secret cafe” on campus (Nanyang Technological University, NTU). It’s not technically a secret cafe but my friend uses that term because it seems secluded from the hustle and bustle of the campus life.  The location itself seems exotic and it was like a ‘short getaway’ on a busy day.  Imagine yourself stepping into another world where happiness is strictly about good food, an array of beverages, and good company…yeah and that my friend is PitchStop Cafe.


So this is the first sight if you are coming down from a flight of stairs of a building.  I don’t remember which building because I was in awe when I discover that there IS INDEED a cafe on campus, say WHAT!!! I know right! 😉

Anyhoo… we were on a few hours break before the next class and because we had spent the first hour or so on brunch (nearby canteen: Canteen B) we were basically in need of the last couple of hours to do some readings or simply ‘lepak’.  And so we decided to give this cafe a try, and since then, I SWEAR…I’ll never turn back! The best decision ever!!!

So here’s the basic things you should know about the cafe:


PitchStop Cafe & Bar


For groups of friends (hangouts, how about celebrating birthdays?), anyone who enjoys wine and dine, or even to chill with your friends or even your own ‘me-time’ with a cuppa! This social space is for all, HURRAH!


Opening Hours: Mon – Fri (9am – 10pm)

Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays



How? (getting there)



Simply because it’s a-may-zang!!! 🙂


$1.50 ~ $15

For more info, please do visit their awesome page: https://www.facebook.com/Pitchstop

One thang that made me fell for this cafe at first sight was its simplicity.  I don’t know why but it seems that I fall in love easily with simplest things in life and I think my friends do find me weird that I go goo-goo-gaa-gaa over such things. HAHA! But really, why bother making things complicated when you can find happiness and content within such simplicity right? It’s not lazy you know (being defensive here, HAHA!) but it’s an art to be grateful, really. Okay, I  shall stop rambling before this blog becomes some kinda persuasive essay, HAHA!

So back to my point, I was intrigued with the elements that make up PitchStop cafe.  Don’t believe me? Let me show you ‘around’… hehehe

ImageThis is the entrance; it was prettay hot that day, so we opt for indoors but if you love the sun, by all means you can sit outside, it’s pretty shady actually…

Imagethe minute you stepped in, right opposite of you is this sooper cool open-concept kitchen with the traditional oven ready to heat up those pizzas!!! woohoo! i’m always fascinated by chefs using those oven to cook or even using traditional cooking method to prepare meals.  it’s like seeing food transform gracefully from its raw state to an amazing party in the mouth! you know what i mean? even if you don’t just say yes! HAHA.

ImageAnd this my friend is one common thang you see in the cafe.  At a glance, I noticed this newspaper was lying on every table in the cafe and i was like, wow…it’s so welcoming having them to provide you such services here.  But on second look, (and my friend pointed this out), I realised this is THE MENU in the form of newspaper! How cool is that?! They even list out the procedures on how you can place the orders…yeay! pretty interesting, because we are no longer passive consumers, but are proactive and more aware of what we are eating. the choice is YOURS my friend!

and for once, i actually ‘read’ the MENU…like every inch. seriously, MENU hasn’t look this good before. HAHAHA.

ImageImageImageImagethese are the cute-cute designs that fill up the wall and it’s even ideal for family to hangout and eat since they have seats provided for children. and if you can sing and groove, perhaps you should contact them, and patrons would be able to enjoy not only food for the body but for the soul too – MUSIC!!!

one interesting fact you ought to know about this cafe is, it’s the first student-run cafe/bar on campus! now you know where did those innovation ideate from.  it’s the people running the place for the people. cool yea. the whole concept of the cafe also adds the feeling like you are travelling to somewhere else, away from that pile of work, assignment and whatnots.  So you must be wondering, what happen to our ambitious intention to finish up our readings? Oh well we did eventually…but not without the help of awesome beverages to go with! nyehehehe~

Imagefrom left; Butterscotch latte (hot), Choco Snowie (cold), and Hazelnut Latte (hot).Imagemine was Butterscotch Latte (hot). and BINGO!!! this is my favourite coffee as of now. HAHA. I usually have my coffee without sugar (read my confession in the previous post, haha) so I was prepared for a sugar fix when I ordered this thinking it would be too sweet for my liking, but NOOOOO! It was perfectly balanced, subtle yet creamy. Oh wow…I can still remember that very first sip, the first love! Okay I think you’re getting tired with my phrase ‘first love’ but really this is really true! so if you think otherwise, you’ll have a hard time to convince me, HAHA!

Unfortunately, I miss the opportunity to order their sweet treats because I had a heavy brunch, and was trying to finish up my readings before the next class.  But it’s okay because I am planning to be a regular patron there now and I’m sure I have the time to taste other awesome stuff. And if i do, I shall share the love here…

ImageAwesomeness till the last drop!

one thing that i love about this place too is the Staff. Services were awesome and I thought i was really nice when one of the staff informed me that it is not halal-certified because of its alcohol beverages whereas the food is generally halal.  I was touched by their concern and assured them that I was aware of it and am only ordering their coffee. The staff smiled and it reminded me so much of the times when I was in Australia; where in cafes or ice cream parlour, it’s easier for me to enquire on their Halal ingredients since their staff are very approachable. Oh how nice! I am very thankful such people still exist because they are the ones who make life worth living 🙂

Imageand so, I had to step out and return back to ‘Earth’ HAHA! ’twas an amazing getaway indeed!

I rate this place 4/5 kopi!

“…PITCH-in those ideas and chill with a cuppa!” ~ PitchStop Cafe & Bar


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