Of pretty cupcakes & pastries


Yes!!! I was here!!! :))

That was a weird way to say ‘hello-it’s-been-a-while-isn’t-it?’ but I’m pretty sure the pic above will make up for it. HEHE. Because I swear, these little shops are a must-go! and here are the TEN reasons why you shall set your foot (more like salivating mouth, dazzling eyes and a tummy ready to be happy!) in STA (Sweet Tooth Addiction) and Spatula Bakery. (As for Hoppity’s Gelato, I’ve not tried the gelato there but I’ve been hit by ample recommendations by awesome people around me, so I guess I will consider trying it the next time I’m there 😉 )

and here are the TEN reasons… *drumroll please!*

#1 STA sells the best chocolate treats ever!!!

If I am part of their crew, I swear I’ll convince the shop owner to change their name to CHOCOLATE. as simple as that, really! and the best part is, they do serve healthy version of brownies. LIKE HELLO, how awesome is this? enjoying it but still guilt-free! ladies, this is it!!! and men… you gotta watch that weight too right? HAHA. but come on people, it’s not just about weight, it’s knowing what is inside those treats and that matters most, aye?


This is soooooo gooooddddd! My very first Valrhona Choc Brownies drizzled with seas salt caramel sauce & Valrhona crunchy pearl balls 🙂 The caramel is such a perfect complement since the brownie is baked with less sugar pure chocolate, YEAHHH! Jackpot!


And this darling, is their Dark Chocolate Tart. dark chocolate and me is like inseparable. EVER. tyvm.

Okay, hold your horses, because this baby is only the beginning. HAHA. Anyway, moving on to reason #2

#2 STA sells an array of a-may-zang food!

One of the reason why I decided to pay their shop a visit was because of CHURROS! Spanish Doughnuts are love. I maybe young but I do know what eternal love is. And that my friend is my love for churros.  Unfortunately, upon my visits there, often I can hear cracks in my heart (exaggeration, i know!) when I realised churros would only be ready later that day. But it’s okay, because I will drop by that place again…and again…and again…


#3 STA has thumbs-up customer service!

This is without a doubt my friend! yes the heading says it all 🙂 When I was there the first time, I met one of the crew and she was superb at entertaining my endless enquiries (yes, I can be that kinda customer at times, sorry) and she still smiled throughout the whole conversation. not the fake smile, a really sincere friendly one. I felt bad after the asking like a whole array of questions on practically the whole menu I guess, but I left as a happy well informed customer. and the second time I was there to collect my cake order (this time I was quieter since I didn’t have much to ask, hehe) the owner was there and so was the helpful crew who answered ALL my questions during the previous visit. HEHE. and yes, they put on that sweet smile and made me feel welcomed. and guess what? I didn’t even notice that the place was not opened yet.  But I was still given the best service and whilst waiting they actually poured me a glass of water since it was pretty hot out there. SEE!!! They are incredibly and sincerely nice. how can you not acknowledge that? :))

#4 STA does delivery! WOOHOO!

Okay, I’ve never tried this service because I prefer being there physically at the shop getting my cravings checked. HAHA. But if you are one of the janes or joes who simply loves people delivering food to your doorstep, then fret not, STA provide such service.  Follow then on instagram; SWEEETOOTHADDICTION

yes, with triple E okay? they provide the delivery details there and the best part is, they will usually provide live updates on their awesome treats specially made on that particular day. so as you browse the pictures on instagram and suddenly STA posted a salivating tempting treat but you are too lazy to go there, who do you call? STA!!! *sings like Ghostbuster movie soundtrack ;)* but do note there are charges imposed depending on location. ouh come on, the pay is soooo worth the good food aye! 🙂 but if you have the time, please visit the place…it’s pretty accessible AND CUTE!!!


okay…now we shall move on to SPATULA BAKERY! yes, and the first time i fell in love with their cakes was way before they even open up a shop…


#5 SPATULA BAKERY never fail to surprise you!

I made a customised order for my sister’s birthday and because I am not a baker myself, I just threw in wild ideas and colours into the cupcake orders.  but Spatula Bakery was patient enough with my crazy ideas and whatnots, and suggested something which in the end was an awesome surprise not only for the birthday girl but myself too!


see!!! that is mind-blown! in a good way of course 😉 a rainbow in my mouth; definite happiness! it looked good and tasted good too 🙂 how can you not love this baker?

#6 SPATULA BAKERY has pretty cupcakes and a pretty shop!

If laziness is a hindrance for you to get yourself physically there at a shop, I’m sure SPATULA BAKERY would be the hero to save the day. YES, you heard it right. but how? THE DECOR. haha, maybe it’s just me but seriously, I’m in love with the pretty decoration. it’s simple but sweet and they just made you wanna take the smartphone camera and snap a pic of the place.


but if this is simply “meh” for you, don’t worry the visit is still worth the time! because…

#7 SPATULA BAKERY has endless possibilities of cupcake flavours

Remember how I mentioned that they know how to surprise you? yes, and one of the ways is by looking at the array of flavours of cupcakes (seems like any flavour is POSSIBLE!)


cookie crunch, melodramatic mint, pure peanut butter, strawberry sundae, rockin red velvet, charismatic caramel macchiato…and the list goes on!!! yessssss. I KNOW RIGHT!!! but not all the flavours are available on the same day. you have to follow their live updates on instagram; SPATULABAKERY where they provide details and also the flavours available on certain days.

#8 SPATULA BAKERY’s cupcakes are not only pretty but are DELICIOUS!

I am always in love with their rockin red velvet, saucy salted caramel and dough or don’t! super gurddddd! you have to taste it to know it. trust me. words CANNOT (i repeat, CANNOT) justify the love conveyed by the moist of the cakes. wooohooooo. so I shall leave this pic for your eyes to feast on (and i reckon by this time, your tummy is already growling…hehe)


#9 SPATULA BAKERY’s cupcakes are bigger than others…

I don’t know why but although the price of the cupcakes are pretty similar to other cupcakes from other shops, somehow I find the serving from SPATULA BAKERY more satisfying. it’s not huge but it’s bigger than the usual size. so if you want more heaven goodness, I recommend you these treats!!! good and yum!!!


Alhamdulillah, I have the chance to indulge in these lovely treats. and I hope you can too 🙂 so do pay a visit to SPATULA BAKERY soon 😉

and NOPE! I didn’t forget the tenth reason because I always save the best for the last. hehe!

#10 both STA and SPATULA BAKERY are located near a local restaurant!

who doesn’t love desserts, right? so I suggest you can have either of these treats for dessert. your own choice of course! but before this dessert, you can feast on good local food at a nearby restaurant, Hjh Maimunah Restaurant. They serve local kampong style cuisine and it’s pretty famous in Singapore since almost everyone here loves to dine there either for meals or even tea snacks. and I did just the latter after getting the cupcakes and chocolate treats. hehehehe. can’t blame a girl who shares a love-hate relationship with food (HAHA, guilty most of the time due to sinful indulgence :p)


since I have already packed good sweet-tooth treats from STA and SPATULA BAKERY, i ordered some savoury treats from Hjh Maimunah Restaurant. It’s an awesome place to dine with your parents, family and friends and thereafter convinced them to visit both STA and SPATULA BAKERY. It’s nearby and a good walk while you chat and come up with an imaginary list of cupcakes and chocolate treats to be bought from these shops. HAHA.

okay, toodles for now. and stay precious lovelies :))


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