Hello May!

It’s been almost two years since I last posted an entry here. It’s always been work which had taken a toll on me but Alhamdulillah, now I’m given a ‘break’ from work. I’m actually on hospitalisation leave and since I have ample of time in my hands, I shall use it wisely. And i can’t resist myself from writing, so here it goes…

So end last year, I spent a month or so in Australia over the holidays. I departed first with my buddy to meet my sister and his. And then a day later, my three other girlfriends joined us. And so the much awaited adventure finally began!

So our first stop was my second hometown, Melbourne!!! Yeayyy! So I was reunited with my sis, who flew from Sydney, to meet us at the Tullamarine airport itself. The same goes to my buddy who was reunited with his sister from Brisbane. In the midst of those hugs and smiles, my stomach was growling. Ggggrrr I need food and coffee, pronto!

It was then, that I realised the airport hasn’t changed that much except for a few stores and one of those is where we decided to have our brekkie!

NOOODLES at Tullamarine Airport Terminal 2!!!


I really didn’t expect to have a bowl of hot noodles for brekkie because I’ve never seen this shop before, but I’m glad we saw it!

So my buddy and I opted for 2 bowls of wanton soup noodles (wanton means dumpling; meat or veggie filling), whereas his sister had a plate of dry wanton noodles and my sister had a bowl of hot beef noodles. These were perfect because it was quite chilly in the morning and nothing beats having warm food in your tummy! My sis and I couldn’t resist trying their ‘teh tarik’. This when literally translated means ‘pulled tea’ but it is basically tea mixed with sweet milk and usually would be pulled before serving it to the customer. To pull the tea well, one has to be trained and this can be done if you learn the skills dilligently. Pulling the tea simply remove the extreme heat from the drink and it will naturally form a foam on the surface. So when customers get their drink, they can simply sip the warm milky tea, like a boss! Heheeh. But this teh tarik served at this place was too sweet for my liking, because i prefer my tea or coffee to have a bitter aftertaste, especially in the morning. Nevertheless, do consider trying it if you have not tasted it before.

You’ll never go wrong with hot food in chilly weather, so overall the brekkie was pretty good, Alhamdulillah. Felt like coming home. As for the price, I think it’s pretty affordable and reasonable, since it is located in the airport. That aside, the menu is pretty simple but helpful because you would not be too stressed out when choosing what you want to eat 🙂

Anyhoos, after that sumptuous brekkie we headed to our accommodation at Strathmore in St Kilda. I used to visit St Kilda over the weekends with my close friends for a good cuppa, gelato or simply observing people at the beach. And the view has always been amazing. We checked-in and the place was pretty cosy. Later that evening my 3 girlfriends joined us.

But before that, we were too impatient to visit the beach, so we decided to go for a walk before the girls’ arrival.

On the way there, we passed by stores at the Catani Gardens and yeayyy, we found awesome desserts!!! Purrrfecttt!



We stopped at one of the cafes and purchased our coffee and hot chocolate to-go as those would be perfect for long beach walks. That was when we chanced upon these glass window displays of mouth-watering sweets and cakes! I mean they looked like they were seductively calling our names. Hehehe. Okay exaggeration I know, but I swear, it felt jusy like that.

Honestly, I was not that hungry but I couldn’t resist trying the huge meringues because they seemed too cute. They come in variety of flavours such as coffee, blueberry, cotton candy, matcha and many more. Though I don’t usually enjoy meringues, pavlova, macaron or others of the similar kind (extremely sweet stuff), I dared myself to try those huge meringues. Being a coffee lover, I decided to try the coffee meringue first and I was surprised that they were not too sweet. In fact they were yums! They melted instantly in the mouth ❤️❤️❤️ Now.. That… Is SEXY.

Price of those cakes and sweets vary from shop to shop depending on flavours and varieties. So perhaps walk down a little bit more before deciding on the choice of your sweets/cakes. Trust me, you will be spoilt for choice!

High on sugar, we spent the next hour walking and had so much fun taking photos at the beach. We even had a chat with friendly down under mates who couldn’t help but noticed these 4 crazy people jumping and dancing by the beach as we miserably attempted to shoot a video. Ouh wells, it was fun nonetheless.


Later that evening after my 3 girlfriends arrived, I thought we should all hang out at Melbourne central and after much walking and window shopping, we ended up at QV for dinnnaaa!

PAPPARICH @ QV Building, Melbourne Central


When I was a student in Melbourne, this had always been one of our go-to places for me and my friends whenever we hang out in melb central and crave for asian food. It used to be ‘Kopitiam’ (Restaurant selling Asian cuisines, which is similar to what we have in Singapore and Malaysia. The only different is, in Singapore/Malaysia, it is not a restaurant. It is simply a hawker food centre) but after some years, another restaurant, ‘Papparich’ took over. By then, I had already left Melbourne but friends who were still in Uni would always frequent that place for lunch or dinner.

Similar to Kopitiam, Papparich offers an array of Pan-Asian cuisines which are popular mainly in Malaysia and Singapore and if you have not tried any of those, you should when you are there! Get those tastebuds working yaw!!!

Anyhoos, I (miserably) tried to cut my carb intake at night so I opted for a protein and veg dinner; ‘ayam masak merah’ (chicken cooked in red spicy paste) and ‘terong berlado’ (brinjal cooked with chilli). Yes…I’m all about spice and heat, literally and metaphorically 😉😉😉

I also tried a starter which was fishcake wrapped in tofu skin. Pretty okay to me because I think I’ve tasted better versions of this. Nevertheless dinner was good and the company was even better. Price range could be slightly pricey as compared to other food. I reckon it’s because of its spices and ingredients. So perhaps try browsing through the menu first before you are seated at the restaurant to get a rough idea of the price and to see if there are food on the menu that you really would want to try.

When I was in Sydney, I noticed most of the Aussies love their ‘Roti Canai’, an Indian flatbread which when cooked to perfection, would be fluffy and buttery. It is usually served with curry and for some with sambal, which is sweet and spicy chilli dip. It is much cheaper in Singapore and Malaysia because it is considered as hawker food or for some street food. So I don’t usually order that in a restaurant but I did try it once, and I swear it was one of the best Roti Canai I have tasted! Delicioso! The minute I placed those fluffy folds of Roti Canai in the mouth, I can feel how buttery it is. It’s not greasy but a perfect balance of softness and crispiness. Definitely perfect with the curry and a bit of spice from the sambal. I mean seriously, that is some partayyy in the mouth.

Okay typing this is not very helpful (HAHA!) for me because I’m on a strict diet to ensure full recovery. Boohoo. Ouh wells… Since I can’t eat those, why not imagine it yea? HAHA.

Alright so this is fairly a good start. Shall continue in the next entry… Toodles love and stay precious.



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