It was just like a movie…

Current situation: thinking what to type here, while i sipped my cuppa with adele’s ‘when we were young’ echoing at the background. coffee’s pretty good; a sachet of instant 3-in-1 G7 vietnam coffee with an extra pinch of nescafe gold roast coffee granules to give the caffeine an extra kick. yummmsss.

Anyhoos, back to the aussie trip update. I figured i shall just stick to the food pics only, rather than the journey to get the food. HAHA. I’m afraid I would ramble on and on and eventually digress from what I set to blog. So let’s rock and roll…


These were egg and toast muffins prepared by my buddy. I still think he secretly owns a bakery somewhere in Singapore, haha. On another note, this breakfast was yum and super convenient because we simply used leftover ingredients from dinner as stuffings to these awesome bites. So underneath that egg, we basically stuffed chopped chips (fries), baby spinach and I think shredded chicken meat. Seasoned this bread muffins before baking them and there, you have a great breakfast to go. We had these with a few pieces of cakes and pastries bought from the cafe near St. Kilda beach and of course, coffee, at least for me.


With such a filling brekkie, doing these shots was not a problem, hehe. Anyway, this is Brighton beach, where the colourful beach houses are. This is one of Melbourne’s local attraction and I personally find this place very comforting. One of my favourite to-go places to have heart-to-heart talks late at night with my closest friends when I was in Uni back then. Ouh how time flies…but it still feels like coming home.


Another Melbourne’s attraction is the Victoria Market. As a tourist, it is usually a must-place to go, but I think you can find a couple of comparable markets in Melbourne which are fairly good too. But since most of my friends are new in Melbourne, and we were already in town, I thought why not the Vic market. besides, I could get my fave doughnuts! but before that, we stopped by this awesome shop where you are hypnotised by the scent of coffee beans and I was spoilt for choice! But with the help of the friendly shop owners we finally made our orders based on their recommendation. If you plan to visit this shop, I reckon entering the Vic market from the dry section (indoors; where they serve hot food, beverages and cheese). You won’t miss this shop because it’s right at the entrance of the hot food section.


And yasssssss! I got my jam doughnuts and they were piping hot, as usual! You can get these gems at such an affordable price and if you are lucky enough (which happened too often), you will get an extra piece in the bag. I don’t think it’s luck anymore, I think they are simply the nicest doughnut seller on Earth. Now, you won’t miss this shop because it’s not a shop. It’s simply the best truck in Vic Market, heheh. I think there are a few of these trucks but I bought the doughnuts from a white truck because they ONLY sell doughnuts which is convenient for me as a muslim who is on a HALAL diet (muslim dietary needs). This does not mean, these doughnuts are HALAL, but to my best understanding, these are consumable for muslims because some of my muslim friends had asked the seller of the ingredients prior to buying them. And since they only sell doughnuts, the preparation of food, in my best understanding should be halal-friendly too. This is usually practised ONLY when I am travelling around the world because back in Singapore, halal places are usually labeled clearly. So whenever you are unsure, just ask, they won’t bite you. However, if you are still unsure, then just walk away and buy something else okay 😉


So this spread was our dinner that day. We bought tofu nuggets, chips and sweet potato chips from Lord of the Fries (vegetarian and kosher friendly as well as HALAL) and then went home to bake whatever we had in the fridge; Steggles Chicken products (mainly chicken tenders and tempura). You can find these Steggles products at Coles and I think most of them are labeled Halal, so yeayyy! Just check for the label okay before buying them, no matter how excited you get. Haha. I know I was >_<


So on our last day in Melbourne, we headed to Adriano Zumbo’s patisserie at South Yarra. If you don’t know who Zumbo is, you are missing out my friend! He is like the master in crafting the amazing Croquembouche which I was first introduced to when I saw him on Masterchef Australia. Now if you are still lost at what I am talking here, please open a new tab and google Zumbo and you will thank me later, hehe. To reach there, we took a train and it was pretty accessible thereon. You will see signs which direct you to the place. How convenient right? I think the sign is in hot pink and dayummmm, this victorian patisserie is such a pretty pretty place. It has these mirrored panels in the shop and everything looks sooooooo good! Even his name in those pretty lights looked like candy to me. Haha. Now, everything there has a label tagged on it listing the ingredients, so be sure to check before purchasing.


We tried a few masterpieces and as much as they are pretty here, they taste equally good too. My favourite is the one right at the bottom of the pic as shown above. I think it has some hazelnut or something. T’was really good. I am not a fan of macaron but my friends who tried their macarons were talking about it non-stop and proceeded to the counter to order more to go. I went to the counter later to get this chocolate-like croissant and yessss it still tasted good and fresh even when I consumed it later that day.


Now, after that sweet party in the mouth, who would have thought that we still had the cheek to buy matcha ice cream on the way back to the train? Well, we did. And these are my excited friends with their green tea ice cream and one of those was mine, hehe. I think it was a japanese cafe, and there was a huge poster of this ice cream right at the entrance. If you are a green tea fan, you won’t be able to resist this. hehe.


This was us in Tasmania, basically in the middle of a suburb area in Devonport. It was the morning after a night cruise on Spirit of Tasmania. At this point of time, we were basically sleepy, clueless and as for me, I was quieter than usual because I have not had my coffee fix. So while we rot here at the bus stop waiting for the first bus of the day, a few of us headed to the nearest deli to grab coffee and water for the gang. At this point of time we were hoping that the bus station we were heading to, would be open as soon as we are there, so that we can check-in our luggages before heading for breakfast. Unfortunately, we were too early, so we had to drag everything to Banjo’s bakery cafe.


Now, Banjo’s bakery cafe basically sells home-made breads, savoury pastries, sweet treats and various types of sandwiches and coffee. So again, since it was the only place opened at that point of time, we had to choose the food that best fit the halal-friendly list. I had smoked salmon sandwich which was basically panini bread stuffed with smoked salmon, baby spinach, feta cheese and slices of onion and ice coffee on the side. The panini breads were freshly made there and my friend bought a separate bag of that bread as soon as it was out on the shelves, right before we left the place. And the breads come with various toppings too, one of which was with tomato and feta cheese. We had those for dinner that day. Yummers!


So for dinner, we had those panini breads, mushroom soup, portobello mushroom stuffed with mozzarella, steggles chicken tenders and salad on the side. It was like a mushroom party I tell you. HAHAHA.


I shall end this post with such a scenic view of our accommodation in Tasmania. super love this view and sitting on that jetty was very calming. That person is not me, but my friend. Anyhoos, it would have been perfect if we had a sandwich or some fish keropok (cracker) with a cup of tea then. That would be a hug in a cup. hehehe.

Okay, this is it for now. Cya later…xoxo


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